I am a freelance photographer based in London. I have more than six years of experience. During this time I have achieved skills and learnt different styles of photography. My background has increased with technical and specific skills — lights, compositions, still-life, focus on details, studio experience, interviews and photojournalism.


When I work as a photojournalist I love to make journalism more impactful by using images to increase culture and knowledge and give a voice to those excluded.
For the past seven years I have been working as a photojournalist and journalist too. During those years I have gained skills that now are helping me to create the best photographic reportage for each article. 
I followed various topics: breaking news stories, interviews, culture and event stories and sports reportage. 
I am used to working as a journalist and as a photographer, creating the perfect mix of words and images adapting my style to create the best product. 
I can describe a story all around even in difficult conditions.
I know how to create a safe space experience during interviews or photojournalistic reportage. 
I am used to collaborating with editors to deliver the images following the team requests.
As a product photographer, I have developed skills and experience with lighting set-ups/equipment and studio environment, as well as the ability to photograph using both natural and studio lighting. I have the ability to follow a brand style and adapt my style to the client needs. 
I am naturally detail-orientated and I have increased this skill during my work experience especially working with jewels and luxury goods. 
I am organised and curious at the same time and definitely used to work at a fast pace and multi-task environment. 
I am a go-getter and self-motivated, with the ability to work as part of a team as well as individually.


On the 2nd of October 2020, I have launched Pepe Magazine, a small online magazine on voluntary bases. Pepe is an experiment I wanted to do to create the first bilingual magazine for the Italian community in the UK. The mission is to create contents in both languages to share high-quality articles in Italian and in English to avoid the linguistic boundaries that an Italian magazine can create. I am the editor in chief of a group of young creatives. 
I am currently working in Hatton Garden for The Luxury Hut, a jewel company that buy and sell watches and luxury good. I am the photographer and the visual content creator so I have to create the pictures that will be presented in the online store and I have to create social contents for Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. 
 I have collaborated with other newspapers and magazines in Italy increasing my photojournalistic skills, among La Repubblica, La Stampa, Mediaset, Rai Emilia Romagna, La Nuova Ferrara, Il Tirreno, Il Resto del Carlino, estense.com. 
I worked with creative, media and ad agencies for more than two years. With agencies my responsibilities changed every day, I really enjoyed that kind of challenge. I have shot for any kind of commercial purpose developing a good experience with still life photography, food photography, commercial and product, and lifestyle photos. 

Something more: 

In 2018 I did my first exhibition called Senza Sipario (No Curtain). The exhibition - presented during Festival of Internazionale, under the Patronage of the Municipality of Ferrara. Senza Sipario shows how theatre can arrive in the darkest suburbs, with its inclusion power it gives hope and a chance to speak to everyone. 
In 2020 in London I have presented my second exhibition: “Roma, how to destroy a community” in partnership with Photo Scratch. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, the event has been online collecting more than 300 views in three days. 
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