Roma, how to destroy a community
This project, initiated in March 2019, delves into the lives of the Roma community in Ferrara, North Italy, showcasing the dual existence of children and teenagers toggling between school, friends, and their camp life. 
However, a pivotal shift occurred with the rise of the extreme right party Lega in local elections, leading to a targeted attack on the Roma community. Overnight, their camp was razed, dispersing a community that had stood united for over 30 years. Families, dispossessed and relocated, now inhabit council houses, makeshift spaces within garages or transformed shops. Only one family retained their caravan, opting for a secluded life on an old countryside farm.
As their circumstances evolved, so did the project's focus. Striving for impartiality while navigating a challenging political landscape, the narrative transitioned from the youthful perspective to an adult context involving solicitors, local government, and social workers. Reconnecting with the families proved difficult, as many were hesitant to be photographed post-relocation, burdened by shame about their changed living conditions.
The project was presented at the Photo Scratch event in April 2020. Originally scheduled to take place at the Photographers' Gallery in London, the event was moved online due to the start of the pandemic. The presentation was viewed by 300 people.
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