The Vaults
Play: Stranger Sings
London October 2022
Tower Theatre
Play: Coram Boy 
London July 2022
EARTH Hackney
Play: Fern Brady
London 24 June 2022
The Vaults
Play: Mulan Rouge 
London 27 May 2022
Tower Theatre
Play: Queers 
London July 2022
November Theatre at The Pleasance Theatre 
for The Vault Festival 2022
Play: How to build a wax figure 
London March 2022
Rehearsal of How to build a wax figure
Kataklò Athletic Dance Theatre
Play: Eureka! 
Ferrara, Italy, 2019
Teatro Nucleo Julio Cortazar
Totem Arti Festival
Ferrara, Italy, 2019
Circo Paniko
Circo Paniko is an “on-the-road theatre”. It is a nomadic collective made up of many artists who travel across Europe performing under a huge yellow tent.
Bologna, Italy, April 2019
Working with the refugees
Ferrara Off Teatro, Ferrara, Italy, 2018
Ferrara Off Teatro
Bonsai: Micro-theatre Festival, Ferrara, Italy 2019

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