The Vaults
Play: Mulan Rouge, London 27 May 2022
November Theatre at The Pleasance Theatre for The Vault Festival 2022
Play: How to build a wax figure, London March 2022
Rehearsal of How to build a wax figure
Kataklò Athletic Dance Theatre
Play: Eureka! Ferrara, Italy, 2019
Teatro Nucleo Julio Cortazar
Totem Arti Festival, Teatro Nucleo, Ferrara, Italy, 2019
Ferrara Off Teatro
Alla Luce del Buio (in the light of the dark)
Ferrara, Italy, August 2020
Circo Paniko
Circo Paniko is an “on the road theatre”. It is a nomadic collective made up of many artists who travel across Europe performing under a huge yellow tent.
Bologna, Italy, April 2019
Working with the refugees
Ferrara Off Teatro, Ferrara, Italy, 2018
Ferrara Off Teatro
Bonsai: Micro-theatre Festival, Ferrara, Italy 2019

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